the call of the void

installation/sound and video/14:31/2018

The desire to spent our leisure time in nature has become a mass phenomenon over the last years. Nature is represented as this fascinating object that functions as a stage for our self-presentation. The longing for nature and a promise of self-discovery has become a marketing tool, selling us seemingly life essential products that should enable us to survive in the wild. In places like Iceland tourism has increased dramatically over the past few years and inspired by an adventurous notion we all want to go where nobody has gone before us. The bottom line is that this aching void we are feeling is often impossible to fill.

THE CALL OF THE VOID is a sound/video piece developed during a residency in a small fishing village in Iceland and is structured into 3 parts, each engaging in different ideas of „the void“ on multiple levels.

supported by Land Vorarlberg and the European Cultural Foundation
developed and displayed at the NES Artist Residency

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