like water/sound installation/2022


no such thing as/ar sound archive app/2022


punkte zu strichen/sound installation/2021


schutzmaßnahmen/sound installation


reflections/sound installation


eile/ongoing research project/installation/sound and video


interface/soundscape/music for fieldrecordings and bowed psaltery


call of the void II/4-channel installation/sound and video


the silence of the dune/installation/sound and video


the return home of the mammoth/installation/woolcarpet and text


Antigone Archivoper/installation and performance


découvrez quartier antigone/installation/3 video episodes


hotspots – stories of a volcano/research project/8 video episodes


adapting to survive/radioessay


antenna/2-channel videoinstallation


rendezvous2018/lecture performance/digital archive


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