the silence of the dune

installation/sound and video/13:20/2019

In „The Silence of the Dune“ we visit the Curonian Spit, which is characterized by the interaction between humans and nature. Humans monitor and maintain the Spit with the intention of stabilizing the landscape because its existence is threatened by natural forces such as wind and waves who move the sand masses in unwanted directions. Thanks to extensive reforestation projects humans managed to stop the natural movements of the sand but this interventions have consequences:

„With the planting of the forest, we passed the death sentence for the dune. The dune has two ways to die: either it gets overgrown or is carried into the lagoon. There is no other way.“
(Aushra Feser)

In the video we encounter the interactions between forest, wind, sand and water, which influence, mix, attract, move and burry each other. The sounds of the individual components overlap and play with cinematic moments of “suspense”.

supported by: Land Vorarlberg



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