the return home of the mammoth

installation/woolcarpet and text/2019

first part of the series „on being a good animal – there is nothing outside of nature“
Woolcarpet about the Song: Whats driving there in the car and sticking out his long trunk? Its a mammoth, and its driving home. (Rüsselmammuts Heimkehr, Adorno about Horkheimer)

The nature of humanity is impacting the earth in many fatal ways. Often when something’s gone we realize that we would have needed it. For the past 20 years biologists worldwide are working on re-inventing live. The resurrection of the mammoth hybrid is part of a de-extinction process and could supposedly prevent a catastrophic global warming feedback loop by stopping greenhouse gas emissions in the arctic tundra.

supported by: Land Vorarlberg
pictures: Julija Navarskaitė

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