sound design

Offenes Feld
concept, choreography and text: magdalena meindl; costume: federico protto; live sound: evamaria müller; pictures: bo vloors; animation seen in the pictures: Ordinary Devotion by toni stefanska & kostantin thiesen

the performance was part of Antigone Archivoper


OLIVER – fishing in heavy liquids
music for videopiece/2016

© all rights reserved by OLIVER
the video piece was part of the shortfilm-program at the hungry eyes festival gießen


music/audioplay/56 min

the lecture performance was developed during a residency at the hothouse for rough translations (MUC) and shown there as well as at the Hungry Eyes Festival Gießen


Augmented Realm 4.0

music and livesound for angela wiedermanns reading of her research-dramolette augmented realm 4.0 in public places, literaturhaus (VIE), künstlerhaus (VIE) and literaturbiennale wuppertal.


سمت الرأس надрыв!

direction/camera/editing: anna-sofie lugmeier; co-direction: boris krastev; performers: johannes frick, petya alabozova, boris krastev, egli katsiki, bilyana georgieva, philip deschamps, angélique zaini, petra van gompel, hilde i. sandvold; music: evamaria müller

Recordings of the systematic “acustic tapping” of the empty exhibition space (wellwellwell) with two gravels were combined with electronic sounds, inspired by the water power plant at the shooting location and the cutting beats of a singing bowl. A group of young people is staring at a point far away in the sky. Better be somewhere else, somewhere you are not getting strained. It is a state of mind, a noticeable break of a generation, which is longing for so much more: everything seems possible.
displayed as videoinstallation at wellwellwell (VIE)

videostillcredits anna-sofie lugmeier

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