ongoing project/installation and video/2020

Rivers are cultural entities that interact with our social system. Mountains and rivers are the most important sources of energy and income in Vorarlberg, they determine tourism and the electricity industry and they have accelerated the modernization of the Alps. EILE is an ongoing field recording project that deals with the River Ill as a biotope and source of income.

The videoessay created in this context layers different sounds and constructs places which seem to elude from the Ill and the studio space by covering and uncovering black and white photographs as an attempt to reconstruct these places. Sounds created using water, a zither and found objects are manipulated with effect pedals and describe the movements of migration of the animals and plants living in the river as well as the numerous barriers they face. The narrative develops with the stream and forms landscapes based on arranged sounds around the Ill, between motorway bridges and cycle paths, the different geophonic frictions and a symphony of power plant noises.

supported by: Land Vorarlberg, Stadt Bregenz, Berufsvereinigung Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Vorarlbergs


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