work in progress/3 channel video installation

a film by: Ruby Behrmann, Julia Novacek, Evamaria Müller / with: Hannah Flach, Sarah Flach, Lene Hansel, Neele Kauck, Liana Müller, Lena Peppel, Milena Röder, Norbert Lofink, Dietmar Müth, Edgar Röder, Oliver Röder, Florian Zimmermann, Gerhard Zimmermann / dop: Francy Fabritz / focuspuller: Anouck Schmit / producer: Mariya Barashka

Many soccer fields lie fallow in the small villages of the Vogelsbergkreis. A soccer team consists of 11 players, but there is an increasing shortage of young people to fill these positions. Most are moving away to the cities, it is said. At first the sports clubs tried to form teams from several villages, but now there are too few youngsters even for that.

In “Abschiedsspiel” (working title), such a sports field becomes the venue for several entangled events. The three artists Ruby Behrmann, Evamaria Müller and Julia Novacek have chosen a place with a very special story for this film project: the plane crash of an American military plane in 1966, the soccer field as a product of German-American friendship and a ball drop from a helicopter are just some of the special features. Together with the residents of the village, the artists reflect on these stories, put them in current contexts and ask questions about the future.

supported by: Programm LEADER des Hessischen Ministeriums für Umwelt, Klimaschutz, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz, Tanz und Theater machen stark, FLUX Theater und Schule

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