The Lahnbach is closely linked to the development of Schwaz – almost the entire city lies on the alluvial cone of the stream. Stream and people have been in direct process of forming the landscape since the time of settlement. Due to the sudden and heavy settlement in the area and deforestation, both factors that can be traced back to mining, this interaction intensified. Initially also used to generate energy to operate mills, smelters and forges, the Lahnbach, with its irregular waterflow, wasn`t a reliable partner in terms of “work” and its mudflows were feared. The deforestation of the protective forest had immediate effects and increased the risk potential of the stream for the people living around it. Since then the mitigation of the stream became the task of the people whos live he threatened. The installation combines a collection of sounds that could be labeled as protective measures – biological, technical and superstitious – and poses an attempt to describe the mutual transformations creating this hybrid that is the Lahnbach.

supported by: Stadt Schwaz
installation fotos: © Verena Nagl


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