punkte die zu strichen geworden sind

sound installation/field recordings/10:33‘/2021
trumpet: Thomas Vötterl, horse rider: Nadja Marihart, techincal assistent: Peter Paul Aufreiter

„Punkte die zu Strichen geworden sind“ is a sound experiment between a river channel and the motorway. This faceless space is expanded by a temporary narrative, producing different protagonists and movements in the process: hooves clatter away, a flaring scale on the right, a motor hums by, drones from below. The performance of space, music, objects and bodies staged and recorded near the Inn river can be experienced acoustically in the theaterspace: The visitors of the sound installation hear from several perspectives, switch back and forth between them, make comparisons and find differences. The situational composition represents an attempt of a constructed acoustic experience that denies any causality or dramatic structure.

installation photos: verena nagl
supported by: vorbrenner, land tirol

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