the one thing i miss the most

is the randomness of the world

4-channel audioplay
audioplay/textcompilation and music: evamaria müller/texts: diary-excerpts of diego urbina, romain charles and martin popplewell; statements of ansible and esa scientists; textfragments of weltbesteigung by gottfried meinhold; text from a scene out of l`invenzione di morel by emidio greco/voiced by: peter paul aufreiter, evamaria müller, artemiy shokin and leonhard srayer; singing: anna-sofie lugmeier

In 2025 the first colonists will be on a one way flight to mars. Currently plenty of scientific studies are monitoring the effects of long term confinement on the human body and mind. Space programs are sending their test subjects to dark caves, desert islands, subaquatic research posts and the antarctic or lock them into capsules for long periods of time. The results (often showing depression, sleep deprivation and even complete mental blackouts) mark the difficulties that determine such a future mars civilisation. Nonetheless private corporations like Mars One are getting thousands of applications of people eager to leave the earth behind.

The 4-channel audioplay THE ONE THING I MISS THE MOST IS THE RANDOMNESS OF THE WORLD informs about these current developments by dealing with the topics isolation and simulation and combining diary entries of people who took part in scientific studies with discussions in science fiction literature about the human as a creator of worlds and the illusion of the image. Experimenting with different methods of auditive simulation of space it uses and exposes sounds and codes of storytelling in film and media.

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