installation and performance/2017
setting, text, live video and objects: evamaria müller, performed by: andreas egele and evamaria müller

The installation consists of the split fragments of a simulation (text, video, livevideo, objects, music). The audience faces text on a teleprompter as well as a live-video of members of the audience reading the text. This is accompanied by a visual composition generated by the body temperature of the artist on thermocromatic material. This colour-composition is the basis for the musician`s improvisation who is wearing VR-glasses to see the instructions.

The installation was part of Echotecture, a space-expedition with “new music“ extending over two floors of the old theaterdepot in Vienna. A precisely timed collaboration with the klangforum Vienna, under the direction of composer Peter Jakober. The evening consisted of 18 musical/spatial arrangements that were partially reacting to or referring to each other.

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