découvrez quartier antigone

3 video episodes/17:35/2019
a film by: Evamaria Müller, performance: Julia Novacek, french translation & voice over: Bobby M. Klein

In the year 1974 the time of the „Grand Project“ started in France:
Due to the political decentralization of 1982/83, the regions gained in local power, therefore, many cities tried to enhance their image with urban development projects. Some major projects found their realizaiton because of the competitions between the cities mayors. Cities were perceived as stages, the goal was to create its own identity, which was often based on local idiosyncrasies. This is how Montpellier got „Antigone – green, mediterranean, monumental, socialist!“ The mayor George Frêche commissioned the project from the architect Ricardo Bofill and thus set himself a monument in the process.

In general, there is talk of a missing identity of this place: The dominant architecture and the facades are more important than the living spaces. For a long time it was forbidden to hang curtains, to paint over the gray walls or to put laundry over the windowsill so as not to disturb the overall architectural picture. Initially, the mayor held numerous events in Antigone, but they rarely found favor among the residents. They lacked spontaneity and the usual natural bustle of the city.
The architectural dominance and the externally determined staging of the district did not contribute to the shaping of a new identity. It seems to be a stage design, an outdated backdrop that has a compulsive character to it.

Antigone – This is the place she visits. She is a reporter, tourist guide, expert and moderator.
She reports, comments, analyzes and speaks a collection of texts from various sources: talk shows, forewords, documentaries and scientific texts. She reports from Antigone (Sophokles drama), Antigone (the character) and Antigone (the place) where political structures and methods of self-empowerment are debated.


the call of the void

installation/sound and video/14:31/2018

The desire to spent our leisure time in nature has become a mass phenomenon over the last years. Nature is represented as this fascinating object that functions as a stage for our self-presentation. The longing for nature and a promise of self-discovery has become a marketing tool, selling us seemingly life essential products that should enable us to survive in the wild. In places like Iceland tourism has increased dramatically over the past few years and inspired by an adventurous notion we all want to go where nobody has gone before us. The bottom line is that this aching void we are feeling is often impossible to fill.

THE CALL OF THE VOID is a sound/video piece developed during a residency in a small fishing village in Iceland and is structured into 3 parts, each engaging in different ideas of „the void“ on multiple levels.

supported by Land Vorarlberg and the European Cultural Foundation
developed and displayed at the NES Artist Residency


2-channel videoinstallation/10:38/2017

Pictures allegedly taken from the private vacation-archive of the artist join assumptions and invitations to produce some kind of mystery story of remembrance.
 A hand continuously opens a collection of different boxes which turn out empty one after another. We sit at the beach of the campsite we visited each summer as a child, meanwhile a fish gets expertly cut up and stroked gently by the same hand. It is an attempt to find congruency between what we actually saw and what we simply couldn’t have seen. The unseen of the lost moments.

„Was that city always there?“
„Oh no, it`s only a cruiseship…“




concept/editing: anna-sofie lugmeier, evamaria müller; camera: dominik backhaus, peter paul aufreiter, evamaria müller, nalan karacagil, anna-sofie lugmeier; choreography/performance: bilyana georgieva; music: nalan381

broadcasted by VIS Vienna Independent Shorts at mumok cinema (VIE)