antigone archivoper

hosted by rendezvous3000

installation and performance/120:00/2019
premiere: 6. september 2019, pathos munich
hosted by Anna-Sofie Lugmeier and Evamaria Müller
with: Viktoria Bayer, Stefan Cantante, Diana Barbosa Gil, Paul Ebhart, Anna-Sofie Lugmeier, Magdalena Meindl, Evamaria Müller, Julia Novacek, Lilli Pongratz, Leonard Prochazka, Federico Protto, Franziska Schneeberger, Artemiy Shokin, Jovana Reisinger, Antonia Rippel-Stefanska, Konstantin Thiesen, Angela Wiedermann

Sophocles‘ Antigone is one of the most-analyzed and -interpreted greek tragedies ever. But the figurehead is exhausted. Antigone wants to be lived through, not shown. It is not just our material, but model – blueprint of an artistic practice of self-empowerment.

17 artists first developed independent positions and different formats, which finally resonated with each other: animation, video, choreography, text, sculpture and music met and formed a temporary network on 3 performance evenings, that wanted to exist under mutually agreed arrangements. In this project, we wanted to find out if the boundaries between the individual and the group can be fluid.

Our Antigones line up or interpenetrate each other and assert themselves in their sovereignty. We meet in the coagulated version of an opera, in a collective process in which conflicts are endured and negotiated.

supported by Kulturreferat Munich, Meiller
pictures: Bo Vloors
trailer: Lilli Pongraz, Jovana Reisinger


– stories of a volcano
research project/8 video episodes/42:02/2019
a film by: Ruby Behrmann, Julia Novacek, Evamaria Müller

This mini-series was developed during a research residency in a large volcanic mountain range in Hessen, Germany. This rural area is characterized by its vast nature habitats and small villages. The people living there are dealing with a decline of infrastructure and the migration into bigger cities by the young generation.

The six video episodes are setting spotlights on places that show fights, wins and losses, interim solutions and take-overs by nature. Fragments of the NS-past became the natural habitat of bat colonies and an abandoned factory reflects the involuntary unemployment in the area.
Voices accompany the documented scenes and debate how to adapt to the change and how to set new structures, which heavily depend on voluntary labour and social cohesion. The residents each talk about their relationship with a particular place and methods of protecting and utilizing this space – a so-called vacancy – and its possibilities: setting a memorial, being landmarked, matters of natural conservation etc. of abandoned areas or buildings that resulted out of restructurings. The episodes focus on how the inhabitants identify with those places and how they are interwoven with their biographies.

supported by: FLUX – Artists in Residence, Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste, tanz+theater machen stark, Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin, Land Vorarlberg, Kulturkoffer Hessen



born in Feldkirch, Austria

Mag.phil. – 2007-2013 University of Vienna, Theatre, Film and Media Studies (AT) – 2012-2017 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Masterclass for Scenography by Nicole Timm, Anna Viebrock (AT)

2021 AIR Dorfresidenz, Kulturlandbüro Uecker-Randow & Schloss Bröllin
2021 AIR FLUX Residency, Germany
2021 Stadtkünstlerin Schwaz, AIR & Stipendium, Stadt Schwaz
2020 AIR FLUX Residency, Germany
2020 Comeback Stipendium & AIR, Land Vorarlberg & Stadt Bregenz
2019 Startstipendium, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich
2019 AIR Nida Artcolony, Lithuania
2019 Auslandsstipendium, Land Vorarlberg
2019 AIR FLUX Residency, Germany
2019 AIR For the sake of being(s), Finland
2018 AIR NES Residency, Iceland
2018 STEP Travel Grant, European Cultural Foundation
2018 Startstipendium, Land Vorarlberg
2017 AIR Nida Artcolony, Lithuania
2016-2017 AIR hothouse for rough translations, Germany

2021 Installation, „Neue Mitglieder“, Künstlerhaus Bregenz (AT)
2020 Installation and Presentation, DWDS Bregenz (AT)
2020 Installation, „Brauchen“, Künstlerhaus Bregenz (AT)
2019 Solo-Exhibition, „The Call of the Void“, Contemporary Art Centre, Podgorica (MNE)
2019 Installation, „The Return Home of the Mammoth“, KIOSK, Nida (LTU)
2019 Theatre, „Antigone Archivoper“, Pathos Theater, München (GER)
2019 Radioessay, „Korppiradio“, South Savonnia (FIN)
2019 Reading, „SOLD OUT – Anti Propaganda“, Künstlerhaus, Vienna (AT)
2019 Screening, „Studio Vogelsberg“, Grebenhain (GER)
2018 Theatre, „regno della musica – TERRA“, Münchener Musiktheater Biennale, Galerie LOOVAS, München (GER)
2018 Open Studio, NES Center, Skagaströnd (ICE)
2018 Diplomausstellung, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna (AT)
2018 Reading, „Jenny“, Literaturhaus, Vienna (AT)
2018 Reading, „Literaturbiennale Wuppertal“, Wuppertal (GER)
2017 Performance, „hothouse for rough translations“, Munich (GER)
2017 Open Studio, Nida Art Colony, Nida (LIT)
2017 Performance, „Hungry Eyes“, Gießen (GER)
2017 Screening, „Hungry Eyes“, Gießen (GER)
2016 Installation, „out of the blue“, wellwellwell, Vienna (AT)
2016 Installation, „Echotecture“, Semperdepot, Vienna (AT)
2016 Reading, Musa, Vienna (AT)
2015 Installation, „Invisible Spaces, Vienna (AT)
2015 Screening, „Electric Spring“, Mumok Kino, Vienna (AT)
2014 Screening, “sehen und sagen”, Le Meridien, Vienna (AT)