adapting to survive


„Adapting (?) to survive“ is an ongoing series of radioplays revolving around different approaches to survival-strategies in nature, science, art and our daily lives. Animals and plants are the experts on this topic, over time they form specific physical characteristics that help them survive their ever changing surroundings. Trees grow taller to get more sunlight, smaller plants have learned to live in the shade in their own way. Humans often take a more selfish approach and form their surroundings to suit their needs. But learning survival skills and prepping became a new trend fuelled by our deepest fears and testing ourselves in the unsafe terrain of nature also shapes our hobbies like sports and other outdoor activities. And there is the other side of the coin – our everyday actions shape our relationship with nature in a way that our small decisions have a huge impact on the environment. The radioshow is looking for strategies, thoughts, conclusions and investigates the „state of being safe“, its byproducts and side effects.

The first audioessay of the series consists of music developed during a residency in a rural area in Finland as well as radio play elements that embed different interview sequences into fictitious soundscapes. The interviews revolve around, among other things, self-sufficiency, the precariat of the artistic existence and the human need for taking risks. Sounds of an intimate presence.
interviews with: Mooni Perry and Jehki Potkonen

supported by the Austrian Embassy Helsinki

Rendezvous2018 Soundtrack

music/audioplay/56 min

the lecture performance was developed during a residency at the hothouse for rough translations (MUC) and shown there as well as at the Hungry Eyes Festival Gießen

listen to a compilation of short snippets (10 sec each):


listen to a part of the audioplay:


8bit-music composed with nanoloop
video and music: evamaria müller

gameboymusicclub at ars electronica festival and poolbar festival:


soundtrack/live-sound for lecture performance/2017


the lecture performance was developed by anna-sofie lugmeier and evamaria müller during a residency at the hothouse for rough translations (MUC) and shown there as well as at the hungry eyes festival gießen

سمت الرأس надрыв!


direction/camera/editing: anna-sofie lugmeier; co-direction: boris krastev; performers: johannes frick, petya alabozova, boris krastev, egli katsiki, bilyana georgieva, philip deschamps, angélique zaini, petra van gompel, hilde i. sandvold; music: evamaria müller

Recordings of the systematic “acustic tapping” of the empty exhibition space (wellwellwell) with two gravels were combined with electronic sounds, inspired by the water power plant at the shooting location and the cutting beats of a singing bowl.
A group of young people is staring at a point far away in the sky.
Better be somewhere else, somewhere you are not getting strained. It is a state of mind, a noticeable break of a generation, which is longing for so much more: everything seems possible.

displayed as videoinstallation in the galleryspace wellwellwell (VIE)
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videostillcredits anna-sofie lugmeier




Haruomi Hosono – Talking
Haruomi Hosono & Friends – Saigo no Rakuen
Chakra – Free
Bernie Krause & Human Remains – Fish Wrap
Susumu Yokota – Zenmai
Ray Lynch – Celestial Soda Pop
Sven Grünberg – Hingus
Mort Garson – Plantasia
Louis & Bebe Barron – Ancient Krell Music
Else Marie Pade – Faust Og Mefisto
Taeko Ohnuki – からっぽの椅子

the mixtape premiered on the platform fashion & ______




Itsuroh Shimoda – Everybody Anyone
Woo – Awaawaa
Saada Bonaire – More Women
Richenel – Autumn
The Bowerbird’s Grand Performance! – BBC Earth
Miharu Koshi & Haruomi Hosono – Yuki-Ya-Konko
Shinichiro Yokota – Do It Again
Pink Rhythm – Melodies Of Love
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Fahr Zur Hölle
Attenborough: the amazing Lyre Bird sings like a chainsaw! – BBC Earth

featuring some american toads, tawny and screech owls, a grasshopper, a hippopotamus, the laysan albatross and a pack of coyotes