découvrez quartier antigone

3 video episodes/17:35/2019
a film by: Evamaria Müller, performance: Julia Novacek, french translation & voice over: Bobby M. Klein

In the year 1974 the time of the „Grand Project“ started in France:
Due to the political decentralization of 1982/83, the regions gained in local power, therefore, many cities tried to enhance their image with urban development projects. Some major projects found their realizaiton because of the competitions between the cities mayors. Cities were perceived as stages, the goal was to create its own identity, which was often based on local idiosyncrasies. This is how Montpellier got „Antigone – green, mediterranean, monumental, socialist!“ The mayor George Frêche commissioned the project from the architect Ricardo Bofill and thus set himself a monument in the process.

In general, there is talk of a missing identity of this place: The dominant architecture and the facades are more important than the living spaces. For a long time it was forbidden to hang curtains, to paint over the gray walls or to put laundry over the windowsill so as not to disturb the overall architectural picture. Initially, the mayor held numerous events in Antigone, but they rarely found favor among the residents. They lacked spontaneity and the usual natural bustle of the city.
The architectural dominance and the externally determined staging of the district did not contribute to the shaping of a new identity. It seems to be a stage design, an outdated backdrop that has a compulsive character to it.

Antigone – This is the place she visits. She is a reporter, tourist guide, expert and moderator.
She reports, comments, analyzes and speaks a collection of texts from various sources: talk shows, forewords, documentaries and scientific texts. She reports from Antigone (Sophokles drama), Antigone (the character) and Antigone (the place) where political structures and methods of self-empowerment are debated.


the one thing i miss the most

is the randomness of the world

4-channel audioplay
audioplay/textcompilation and music: evamaria müller/texts: diary-excerpts of diego urbina, romain charles and martin popplewell; statements of ansible and esa scientists; textfragments of weltbesteigung by gottfried meinhold; text from a scene out of l`invenzione di morel by emidio greco/voiced by: peter paul aufreiter, evamaria müller, artemiy shokin and leonhard srayer; singing: anna-sofie lugmeier

In 2025 the first colonists will be on a one way flight to mars. Currently plenty of scientific studies are monitoring the effects of long term confinement on the human body and mind. Space programs are sending their test subjects to dark caves, desert islands, subaquatic research posts and the antarctic or lock them into capsules for long periods of time. The results (often showing depression, sleep deprivation and even complete mental blackouts) mark the difficulties that determine such a future mars civilisation. Nonetheless private corporations like Mars One are getting thousands of applications of people eager to leave the earth behind.

The 4-channel audioplay THE ONE THING I MISS THE MOST IS THE RANDOMNESS OF THE WORLD informs about these current developments by dealing with the topics isolation and simulation and combining diary entries of people who took part in scientific studies with discussions in science fiction literature about the human as a creator of worlds and the illusion of the image. Experimenting with different methods of auditive simulation of space it uses and exposes sounds and codes of storytelling in film and media.


lecture performance/live vj-set/digital archive-platform/2017

design and content archive-platform/performance: anna-sofie lugmeier, evamaria liane müller; design and programming archive-platform: peter paul aufreiter/text „das drama“: anita lerke-lugmeier/actor „magische worte“: christoph müller/video-documentation: zeno legner

The digital staged archive RENDEZVOUS3000 deals with the topic of contemporary story-telling and is furthermore asking for new ways of building up or reconstructing narratives. This multimedia-based pool of narrative elements was created by the two artists themselves and is continously growing. It is dedicated to the fundamental questions about contemporary storytelling and its multilayered implications and contradictions within. Nations were founded on myths of origin, that often mask ideologies and although the time of the big narratives is seemingly over, we are confronted with an infinite variety of interpretations. So how do we tell these stories today? Who tells what kind of story and what is the intention behind it?

Narratives are no longer able to legitimize the pursuit of knowledge, economic growth or social and moral emancipation. They only work as expressions of a point of view or of specific interests. Those points of view can only become paramount by being convincing or not. The computer database as a virtual space has become a cultural form that is used to represent human experience, the world and human existence in this world.

RENDEZVOUS3000 searches for „fragments of memory“ which shall be getting collected, dissolved, analysed and transformed. This „material“ is then being inter-linked via changing classification systems to generate new narratives that can vary every time. The current version of the online-platform is being used as a storage-container for sedimenting this material and is also serving as a base for the theatrical performance, as it expands the staged setting into the digital space.
These performances are guided tours through this created narrative-database by the artists themselves and thus generate a different and unique experience everytime.

supported by: kulturreferat der stadt münchen
developed and performed at the hothouse for rough translations (MUC)


installation and performance/2017
setting, text, live video and objects: evamaria müller, performed by: andreas egele and evamaria müller

The installation consists of the split fragments of a simulation (text, video, livevideo, objects, music). The audience faces text on a teleprompter as well as a live-video of members of the audience reading the text. This is accompanied by a visual composition generated by the body temperature of the artist on thermocromatic material. This colour-composition is the basis for the musician`s improvisation who is wearing VR-glasses to see the instructions.

The installation was part of Echotecture, a space-expedition with “new music“ extending over two floors of the old theaterdepot in Vienna. A precisely timed collaboration with the klangforum Vienna, under the direction of composer Peter Jakober. The evening consisted of 18 musical/spatial arrangements that were partially reacting to or referring to each other.